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Military decision

The right to make mistakes exists far less in the military field than in any other. But even a full mastery of the parameters of a problem does not suffice for its solution. It is also necessary to monitor the « working life » of a decision, which may last decades, and in time of peace it may be impossible, or it may take too long, to verify its validity. Besides, does a good peacetime decision-maker stay good in a war - when he may be cut off from all the circuits on which his decisions depend ?


Référence électonique : Jacques BONNEMAISON, "Military decision", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°38, 38 - L’armée, p.81-86 . Consulté le 2021-04-21 10:21:08 . URL : https://revue-pouvoirs.fr/Military-decision.html