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Is It Possible to Understand the Motives of the Jihadists?

The French jihadists recruit mainly among second generation Muslims or converts who have all experienced a brutal return to religion outside of any Islamic institution or really existing Muslim community. They do not have any particular socio-economic or psychological pro le, but they express their rejection of society by adopting the narrative offered by Al-Qaeda or Daesh: they would become super-heroes who avenge the global Muslim community victimised by the West. Yet, they are not utopians working to construct a more just society: all are fascinated by death, and most of them actually die.


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Référence électonique : Olivier ROY, "Is It Possible to Understand the Motives of the Jihadists?", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°158, 158 - La lutte contre le terrorisme, p.15-24 . Consulté le 2023-02-04 13:25:47 . URL : https://revue-pouvoirs.fr/Is-It-Possible-to-Understand-the.html