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Institutional Framework and Political Life Overseas

Despite the extraordinary diversity of the overseas communities, the
local political life is, to a large degree, dominated by the recurrent
questions regarding the nature of their relationship to the home country.
As a result, statutory debates and institutional reforms strongly
condition the local political game. They lead to constant phenomena
of ideological polarization and depolarization, together with shifting
stakes and political realignments. However, these phenomena occur in
a context characterized by a large degree of autonomy or, as the case
may be, a tendency toward a greater autonomy of overseas political
spheres operating according to their own logic, which tends to disconnect
them from that of the home country.


Référence électonique : Justin DANIEL, "Institutional Framework and Political Life Overseas", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°113, 113 - L’outre-mer, p. . Consulté le 2022-01-23 14:00:08 . URL : https://revue-pouvoirs.fr/Institutional-Framework-and.html